Increase Property Showings By Treating Your Peers With Respect.

How may I serve you?Hi folks. Earlier this week I re-posted an article titled “Does that 50 cents have to be on the HUD?”. That post contained a comment about another REALTOR(R) giving the code to my lock box to a buyer, so the buyer could do his own final walk through. Maybe I should have reported the REALTOR(R) to his Broker or filed an Ethics complaint. But I didn’t. This post explains why.

First, I list homes for sale in Poinciana Florida. That’s what I do. I rarely work with buyers. Therefore, my business depends on other REALTORS(R) showing and selling my listings. With that in mind, my business plan has always been to “market” my listings to other REALTORS(R) and to give them as much incentive as I can to want to show my listings. My good reputation with REALTORS(R) is how I make my living. My listings get showings, because over the years, REALTORS(R) have learned that they can trust that my properties will be priced right, clean and easy to show. No surprises.

The REALTOR(R), in my previous post, had actually done a pretty good job up to the point of giving out my lock box code. I had a discussion with him about this and it will not happen again. I complemented him on the good job he did in getting the deal closed and hope to have many more deals with him in the future. We got through the situation with no bad feelings. 

Would this had turned out this way if I reported him to his Broker or filed an Ethics complaint against him? No. Absolutely not. He would never had showed my listings again and my future Sellers would suffer because of that.

So, here is a short list of the things I do to ensure that my listings are getting shown. Not only shown, but shown constantly by other REALTORS(R).

My listings are:

1. Priced right, always. I am an expert on pricing.

2. Clean. Very clean.

3. Easy to show. No appointment necessary and always on a lock box.

Realtors can count on me to:1. Answer the phone. If not, return their call quickly. 8-8 seven days a week.

2. Always be professional.

3. Never loose my cool. Ever.

4. Negotiate the deal without voicing my opinion. It’s the Seller’s deal not mine.

5. Assist them in anyway I can to get the deal closed.

6. Take the time to help them if they are new to the business.

7. Discuss issues with them upfront and not in a confrontational manner.

8. Always be honest.

9. Always stay focused on the end result, getting my Seller a check.

10. Thank them for a job well done and let them know I really appreciate them showing and selling my listing.

Now, doesn’t all this sound better than filing an Ethic’s complaint or “telling on them” to their Broker? My Grandmother was the most loving, most generous, most caring and most honest person I have ever known. If I did anything less than this she would look down from heaven and shake her stick at me. I would never want that to happen.

So remember, treat your fellow REALTORS(R) with respect. Help them if necessary. Be patient with “newbies”, we were all one once. What say you?

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