Integrity! It’s mine and you can’t take it away from me!

OK, is every one tired of hearing me talk about Range Pricing yet? Well, if it helps, I'm tired of writing about it, BUT, yep, always has to be a but, I have had several conversations going over the last couple of months about Range Pricing and how it works and why the majority of Realtors just don't get it. And you know, that's OK with me. I've tried everything I can to get people to understand it but it seems I am just talking to a closed mind. A mind that refuses to open up and explore different ways of doing business. But that's OK too.

I really don't expect everyone to get and I certainly don't expect everyone to like it or want to use it in their business. Frankly, it's to my advantage if you don't use it. And of course, if NAR gets their way, I may not be able to use it anymore, either. However, I can assure you that I will come up with another innovative and aggressive way to get my properties sold. Change is good and I am up for the challenge.

BUT, there's that but again, I am getting very frustrated with folks who think my business practices are deceptive, unethical and illegal. I have to say that hearing that just flat out p….s me off. Anyone that knows me or has ever done business with me knows that I am about as far from being unethical or deceiving as you can get. I take being a Realtor very, very serious and I always place my customer's and client's needs ahead of mine. I couldn't do it any other way, it's not in my nature. I value my integrity. Integrity is the one thing I have that no one can ever take from me. I own it and I'm in complete control of it.

So, when I hear someone telling me that I'm unethical and deceiving, it bothers me and it bothers me a lot.

I did not invent Range Pricing. It was not my idea. Range Pricing started out if California about a decade ago with Prudential Realty. I did however embrace the technique and I was one of the first Realtors in Florida to implement it and I will go out on a limb here and say I could possibly be the leading expert on Range Pricing in the country. If not, I'm close to it.

Anyway, for the past 10 years I have been using this pricing technique and have been doing it EXACTLY the way NAR and our MLS said to do it. Using the low price as the list price and placing the appropriate remarks in the remarks section of the MLS was not my idea. The policy related to Range Pricing was put down by NAR and our local MLS. It was researched by the NAR and MLS attorneys and it was them, not I, that created the verbiage to use in a listing. It was also them, not I, that stated I could use ANY figure within the Range as the list price. This LIST price was determined at the sole discretion of the Seller and his Realtor. Now of course, as you know, NAR and the MLS have flip flopped on their earlier ruling. After establishing my business by using this technique and helping hundred of Sellers and Buyers achieve their goals, MFRMLS has changed the ruling. This in my opinion is because of their ignorance about Range Pricing and their inability to "get it". And I'm OK with that too.

One of the commenters, on my post the other day, took the time to call NAR and ask them about the new ruling. NAR actually had the audacity to say that by using the low price as the listing price "brokers have been abusing the concept of Range Pricing". So let me get this straight, by handling Range Pricing EXACTLY the way NAR stated it should be used 10 years ago, I have been abusing the concept. PULEEEEEZE. They are the ones that flip flopped, not me. If NAR is so concerned about ethics and violations why don't they look into the Realtors that take listings 50% and more over market value? How about looking into the Realtors that will take $350 to place a property in the MLS and then just abandon the poor Seller? How about taking a real hard look at dual agency? Why not make the requirements to become a Realtor a little more difficult than writing a check? How are any of these things "looking out" for the consumer?

So why don't they look into these things? I'll tell you why? Because it would upset to many Realtors to change these things and it would cost NAR money. Range Pricing only affects a very small minority of Realtors. In my local MLS today there are 56,000 active residential listings and only about 1,200 are Range Priced. A very, very small percentage. So who cares? My Sellers care and I care. That's who.

Here's a fact for you: In the hundreds of closed transactions, that I have completed using Range Pricing, I have not had one single Seller or one single Buyer complain about Range Pricing. Not one!!!!!!!!

So really, all I ask is, please do not call my business practices unethical, deceiving or illegal. Call them what they are, innovative, aggressive, controversial and looking out for my customers and clients. And that my friends, is all I have to say about that. FOR NOW:)

Here are a couple of great articles on Range Pricing, not written by me.


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