It’s TLWS Birthday!!!!

The Lovely and I

Ok so today is TLWs (The Lovely Wife) birthday. How old is she? Well I’m not telling. But let’s just say she has renewed her AARP card more than once. Our twin boys turned 33 this year and we have 6 grand children including one who is a teenager!! 

So…..while I won’t tell you how old she is I can say that she IS old…..enough. Just enough.

Now most of you know that the last 12 months have been very, very difficult for TLW.  A couple of times I didn’t think we’d be celebrating this birthday. But…she made it through the storm. 

Please pray for TLW

TLW is coming home!

TLW again needs your prayers

TLW Update

TLW dancing in the RainDid you know there were over 50 posts written for TLW when she was going through all of this?

Anyway…..I’m writing this post to wish MY Lovely Wife a Happy Birthday. The best present I can think of…..besides a big chunk of change….is for all her online friends to pop in and wish her a Happy Birthday.

Maybe a high jacking is in order? What say you?

Happy Birthday Hun…..Love you!!!!

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