Jingle Mail. The next big thing.

The walk away

Hi folks. This current real estate market and economic climate is really taking it’s toll on people. We’ve recently heard of  “Strategic Defaults” and “Delaying your foreclosure” now we have the “Walk Away” or mailing your keys back to the lender. Jingle mail is what the lenders call it.

And its spreading.

Not only are people doing this with their houses but they are also doing it with their other debts. Stop paying. Walk away.

If you want to get a better feel for people’s thought process just read through the comments on this article:

The New Consumer Debt Strategy: Just Walk Away

People are fed up. They are getting fed up with their credit cards’ interest rates going up even though they have never been late on a payment.

People are fed up with corporations getting trillions of dollars in bail out money while they get squat.

People are fed up with FICO scores and the control they have over our lives:

5 People Who Check Your Credit

People are fed up with creditors and their lack of willingness to help.

People are fed up. Are you?

So walk away
And close the door
And let my life be as it was before
And I’ll never never know
Just how I let you go
But there’s nothing left to say
Just walk away

*** Celine Dion—Just Walk Away—Lyrics by Albert Hammond.

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