Killing three birds with one stone!

Hi folks. Today I have a dilemma. As you may know, I have been at the top of the "Top Blogs" section of ActiveRain for quite a while. I'm not sure how long it's been but I think it's at least 2 months. Now some may say, "What difference does it make?" Well, to me, I like it. It means folks are reading my Blog and for whatever reason they find it to be interesting. Now for a Blogger this is a good thing. So, I like it. Also, from the consumer's perspective, it gives me more exposure, I think. My time "at the top" is limited though as Carole Cohen is closing in fast. Now, folks if you haven't been reading Carole's Blog, you need to. It is very, very good.

Anyway, here's my dilemma. I want to get my listings on ActiveRain. I have about 20 of them, and if I were to post them, I assume my rankings and comments would go down and I would lose my positioning on the "Top Blogs" section. Now folks, this would not be the end of my world, BUT if I can figure out how to achieve this and still keep my ranking, it just seems to me, that that would be the way to go. Everyone has different objectives for Blogging on ActiveRain. I have three objectives, that I try to accomplish every time I write a post.

First, I write to try and share my Real Estate experiences and techniques to hopefully help another Realtor in their business. A fellow Realtor reading my posts can learn how to take 45 day listings, how to Range Price a property, how to disarm people, how to improve their listing presentation and much, much more. This is actually my number one objective.

Secondly, I write so the consumer can get a real idea of how I conduct my business. By reading my posts, they can see that I am honest, knowledgeable about my market, creative, ethical and that I have a sense of humor. They can also see that I care about them and their situation and that I will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Hopefully by reading they will want to do business with me.

Thirdly, I write because I like it. Writing helps me to really think about what I do and why I do it. It helps me to express my feelings and open up about things I would not have thought about sharing before ActiveRain.

My first reason is sharing. My second reason is marketing. My third reason is selfish. Anyway, if people aren't reading my Blog, then none of these objectives would be achieved. Being on the dashboard helps in reaching readership.

So, after 10 seconds of heavy thinking, here is my solution: If you are interested in purchasing or selling a property in Poinciana, Fl, then please give Broker Bryant a call. Also, you can click below to view Broker Bryant's current inventory.

                                                                                                        HOMES FOR SALE IN POINCIANA, FL. 

So how did I do? Did I kill three birds with one stone? Sorry, folks I can't kill two, that would require jumping in a box.

Disclaimer: I would never kill a bird! I love birds:)

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