Knock, knock…who’s there? Broker Bryant…your new REALTOR(R)

Sold for $179,000 in 32 days!!!I spent this morning riding around Poinciana picking up signs and lock boxes from the two properties I had closed on the 31st. You may think my timing on this was a little late but it was actually just right.

Picking up my sign and lock box, a couple of days after closing, is something I do on purpose. The reason is, I want to knock on the door and introduce myself to the new owners.

Since I am primarily a listing Broker, my customer, the Seller, is normally moving out of Sate and getting any future business from them is rare. So my goal is to be the "go to guy" for the Buyer that has just purchased one of my listings.

Even though they had an agent it is my experience, that in most cases, they never hear from their agent again once the deal is closed. The check is cashed and they are out of there. Foolish? Yes. But true.

So, like the good little Broker that I am, I seize this opportunity to snag a Buyer who more than likely will be my new Seller in a few years.

I'm not pushy. I just introduce myself and see if there is anything I can do for them. I let them know I have been selling Real Estate in Poinciana for 14 years and if there is any help they need, please feel free to call me.

And they do call. They call to get information related to the area and they also call if there are any minor issues with the house. Once they have called….they are mine. I will gladly help them out with anything they need. I become their new REALTOR®.

It's a small thing to do but it's great for business. I'm not quite sure why Buyer's agents don't keep in touch with their Buyers. Oh well….if they won't, I will. After all, today's Buyer is tomorrow's Seller.

Marketing does not have to be complicated. What say you?

***Hey go check out this little video of TLW sewing!!!!

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