Looking For A Lakefront Home In Central Florida?

You know……..it is HARD to find good lakefront homes for sale in Orlando Florida. I’ve been searching for several days now for relatively new homes with lakefront and a pool. It also must have a dock for a boat and be a good lake for skiing.

My search encompassed Orange, Osceola and Polk counties for lakefront houses with at least 3,000 sq ft, 4 bedrooms up to $750,000. I figured there would be more than 2 that were suitable to my Buyer!!

Here are some interesting facts on lakes in Florida.

  • There are an estimated 7,800 lakes in Florida that are greater than 1 acre in surface area. Of these, 35 percent are located in just four counties: Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Polk.
  • Larger retention ponds sometimes are used by residents for boating and fishing and are considered by some to be lakes. (Not by me!)
  • The classification of some water bodies as lakes is highly subjective. What one individual considers a “lake” another might consider a “pond.” Generally, any water-filled depression or group of depressions in the land surface could be considered a lake.
  • Many lakes in Florida were formed by sinkhole activity and thus are called sinkhole lakes.
  • Most Florida lakes are seepage lakes—nearly 70 percent of the lakes in Florida have no surface water streams flowing into or out of them.

So….if you are looking to purchase or sell a Lakefront Home in Central Florida you best give me a call. If not you could end up with one of these.

Golk course pond

  Retention pond

                    Golf Course Pond                                                       Retention Pond

Instead of this………………….

Fishing and skiing lake

Fishing and skiing lake

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