Make the appointment! You can always cancel.

call me!!Hi folks. All the recent spam comments going around AR have given me the opportunity to revisit some of my older posts that I had completely forgotten about. This one included.

If you’re not calling to hire me then quit wasting my time!!!

Leslie Bloss wrote a post last year that stirred up quite the conversation. Here it is if you haven’t read it yet.

In a nutshell, her post was about how to handle a home owner who phoned in asking for a price analysis and in the same breath mentioning she was NOT going to use a REALTOR®.

The comments Leslie received were quite interesting to say the least. I was actually amazed at how many folks would not have helped this lady out.

Folks, I may be old school but aren’t we in the business of helping people out? Personally I spend a lot of time and money to make the phone ring. In fact, the only reason I advertise is to get folks to contact me. I just don’t understand blowing them off when they contact us with out at least taking the time to see if we can help.

There is a sequence of events that needs to happen in order to be a successful salesperson.

  1. Get the consumer to contact you.
  2. Make the appointment.
  3. Qualify the prospect.
  4. Meet face to face.
  5. Build trust.
  6. Pitch your product.
  7. Close the deal.

This post is about making the appointment. I can’t count how many times I have had folks call me, that started out with attitudes, that ended up being long time customer/clients. In fact, it’s been my experience that the most difficult people turn out to be the best customer/clients. It’s certainly worth your time to meet with them.

Trust me when I say they will remember you and send you business even if you aren’t able to help them out right away. What difference does it make if they don’t use your services until 5 years later? Are you going some where? Is real estate just a temporary job or are you in it to build a lasting business? Goodwill goes along way my friends. And all it costs is a little time and some common courtesy.

So next time your phone rings try this:

“Can you come over and tell us how much our house is worth? We won’t be hiring a rea-la-tor but we need this information.”

  • Well sure….I can do that. I’m in your area on Tuesday. Would 10:00 or 2:00 be better?

“How much do you charge? We’re not paying more than y%.”

  • I’m not cheap but I’m sure we can work something out. How about I stop by tomorrow at 10:00 to check out your house. We’ll talk about my fee then. First, let’s see what we need to do to get your house sold. OK? What’s better for you 10:00 or 2:00?

“I’m not listing with you tomorrow. We have 2 other agents coming over before we decide if we want to use a agent.”

  • That’s excellent! You should get several opinions. I actually have a waiting list of folks wanting to list with me but can squeeze you in on Wednesday at 12:00. Is that OK or would 2:00 Thursday be better for you?

Our last agent never called and never returned our calls. All you rea-la-tors care about is making money! I’m not signing anything for more than 30 days!!!”

  • Sounds like you had a bad experience. If it helps I can’t get rea-la-tors to return my phone calls either! Anyway…we can’t change the past so let’s work on the future….getting your house sold. How about tomorrow at 10:00?

I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my point. Make the appointment. Here’s another tip. I make the appointment then I hang up. I call back to qualify the property and the prospect. I can always cancel the appointment if I feel it’s not going to work. I do this because my only initial goal is to make the appointment. I don’t want to get them off track, by asking too many qualifying questions, before I have a commitment to meet. Make sense?

Of course, if you have business out the ying yang already, then by all means, do what works for you. Me…..I think I’ll help them. How about you?

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