Maybe a Little Motivation is All We Need.

Florida Real Estate BrokerOK, today, I’m posting a little motivation. I figure, in this more difficult market, motivation is something we all can use. One of the things I like best about blogging is it gives me the opportunity to write about what’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s very light hearted and sometimes it can be very intense and disturbing. But whatever it is I find it to be very freeing to put my thoughts out there for the world to read. So here goes.

I’ve always been kind of a “lone wolf” in my business and my life for that matter. I’m not a conformist and never have been. I seem to have a need to do things my way. Needless to say, this caused me a few problems when growing up but I also think it’s one of the main reasons I have been successful. Even though moving forward created problems I was always able to solve them. And that’s how you build confidence. I move forward no matter what.

But is that a bad thing? For me, I think you can over think things. If I waited for things to be perfect, before I acted, I would spend most of my time waiting. I just can’t do that. It’s not in my nature. I prefer to move forward and solve the problems if they come up.

Broker Bryant, what does any of this have to do with Real Estate?” Well, that’s a good question. I guess you could relate it to Real Estate by making a choice today to move forward. Just do it. Don’t worry about things or over think them. Get into the game. Do you have a marketing plan you’ve been wanting to implement but have been waiting for the “right time”? Well, the right time is now. Your next listing or your next Buyer is out there waiting for you.

Have you been putting off getting your GRI or your CRS? Well go for it. The right time is now. Before you go to bed tonight make the decision to get into your business. Do the things you have been procrastinating about. Make a decision to be successful in spite of this difficult market. Don’t listen to the naysayers. They’re wrong. Get out of bed tomorrow and start moving forward. Go find that new listing or that new Buyer. I can assure you they are out there. If you don’t go get them somebody else will.

My goal is and always has been to do something related to my business everyday. Everyday, I move forward. And not only do I move forward but I do the one thing that will always give me a return. I solicit business. My job is to get business. Listings, in my case. If I work towards this one goal, everyday, everything else will take care of itself. I can’t concern myself with the market being difficult and Buyers being hard to come by. If I spent time worrying about these things it would make staying positive and moving forward, too difficult. I’ve been in this business long enough to know that if I have enough inventory, I will sell some houses. I can’t sell them all, but if I have 25 to 30 listings, I can still sell 2 or 3 this month and the next month and the next month. I can keep moving forward.

I look at my business as being a “house store”. I must keep the shelves, in my store, stocked with inventory. And it has to be inventory that is priced right, clean and has variety to it. I am trying to attract Buyers. So the more I have to offer the better chance I have of Buyers finding my store and making a purchase. And that is my ultimate goal.

So there you have it. Broker Bryant’s Real Estate Ramblings for today. Did it make sense? Did it motivate you? Are you ready to move forward? I am.

***First posted in May of 2007

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