Meet the new owner of GOOGLE, Broker Bryant!

 OK, today, I'm going to write about a subject I am an expert on. Yes, that's right, AN EXPERT! OK, I'm lying. I'm going to write about something I truly know next to nothing about, SEO(search engine optimization). Is that right? Oh well, I think it is. Anyway, if you really want to learn about SEO read Karen George's Blog or Mary McKnight's RSSpieces.

BUT, I own Google! Yep, that's right, I OWN Google. Maybe, I don't really own Google but I do own the first 6 or 7 pages for my name and also for Broker Bryant. "Broker Bryant, what's' the big deal? Who's going to search by your name?" Well, that's a good question. It turns out quite a few people do. They see my ads or they get my name from a friend and they Google me. I also tell folks when they call or Email me to Google me. Why not? It's a great advertisement. Don't believe me? Try it:

                                                     Bryant Tutas       Broker Bryant

Would you hire me as your REALTOR®? I think so. Usually the call goes something like this. "Hi Bryant this is Mrs. Sell. M. Quick, can you come over and put our home on the market?" "Well of course I can. How did you get my name?" She says, "We saw one of your ads and Googled you. Can you come over today and put our home on the market?" "OK" CHA…CHING!!!

So, I have the name thing tied up. Like I said, I OWN Google! All of these results came from Blogging on ActiveRain and entering Blog Carnivals. I have spent 9 months getting my name out there and it worked. By the way this has NOTHING to do with writing featured posts. It has everything to do with being consistent and writing about what I know, Real Estate. I have spent a lot of time working on my web presence. Not by linking or key words or anything really. Just good plain old fashioned hard work. Well written, consistent content. By consistent I mean, consistent topic(real estate) and consistent postings(4 to 5 week).

Now let's look at some results that really matter. Generic searches(is that a SEO term?). What a minute, maybe it's called "organic searches". I guess it doesn't really matter. Anyway, lets look at these "suckas".

  • Poinciana Fl #9 Very generic search. Not bad positioning. Only REALTOR® on page 1.
  • List a house in Poinciana #s 1-4 Now we're getting somewhere! Hey look at #1. It's the last Google post I did. So I guess this post will help too.

OK, how about the loooooooong tail?

  • Range Pricing #4 Does that make me an expert on Range Pricing? Hmm….

OK, so here goes, Broker Bryant's excellent SEO advice. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. So, how did I do? Do I really own Google?

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