Mystery Theater, hosted by Broker Bryant

I must have stupid written across my forehead this week. First, I had the buyer who called in trying to arrange her own showings. Then I had my Seller calling me, with the disguised voice. And yesterday I had one that is the biggest mystery of all.

About two weeks ago, I closed on one of my listings. The Selling agent, I thought, was a Realtor by the name of Deborah. She's the one that had arranged the showing and submitted the offer. However, when I did get the offer, it was on the letterhead of a Realtor by the name of Jamie, a guy. No big deal. I figured he could have been Deborah's partner or maybe Deborah was his assistant. Anyway, we got the deal negotiate and I pretty much communicated with Deborah through out the transaction. I spoke to Jamie maybe three or four times. He seemed like a nice guy and did everything right to get the deal to closing. After the closing I went to give Deborah credit for the sale in the MLS only to find out she is not a member of our MLS, so I credited Jamie. All is well.

Now, yesterday morning I received a call from a Realtor by the name of Jamie, same last name, same company, only it was a girl. She was wanting to show one of my listings. Now this is a very small company with just a hand full of Realtors. Anyway, I questioned her on the fact that I had just done a deal with Jamie two weeks ago and he was a guy. She said she was sorry but didn't understand what the problem was and she just wanted to show my listing. Now needless to say, I was very bewildered by this. How could Jamie, who was a guy two weeks ago, now be a girl. So then I asked her for her office number and she said she didn't know it and was driving down the road, would I please just give her the code. I explained to her that I needed to get my head around who this Jamie is and how can you not know your office number. She hung up on me.

Folks, this is a mystery. I tried to phone Jamie's office but no one answered the phone. I then left a message for Deborah to see if she could shed some light on the mysterious caller. I haven't heard back from her either. I did do a license check on Jamie and he/she does have a valid Florida Real Estate license as of March 2006.

To summarize, I have a guy by the name of Jamie that I did a deal with through Deborah and a girl by the name of Jamie trying to get showing instructions. All from the same small Real Estate office.

Could it be that Jamie has other agents working under his name so they don't have to pay Realtor and MLS dues? Could it be he is the only one with a Real Estate license?

I guess until I reach the Broker of this office, who I will be calling on Tuesday, the answers to these questions will remain a mystery.

Stay tuned for scenes from next week's Mystery Theater, hosted by Broker Bryant.

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