Only Deadbeats do Short Sales!!

http://centralfloridashortsales.comHi folks. Short Sales. Why do I spend so much of my time messing with these things? Isn’t it true most people are just doing them to avoid honoring their promissory note? They borrowed the money they should pay the mortgage. Deadbeats!

I closed on a Short Sale a few months ago. The Seller had owned the house for 27 years. It was the retirement home for him and his wife of many years. After 30 years of hard work they were finally able to retire and move to Florida, pay cash for a home and enjoy their twilight years together.

All went according to plan for 20+ years. Then one day Mrs. Seller was diagnosed with cancer. After several years of surgeries and treatments she finally had to be sent to a nursing home. Her husband, now almost 80, could no longer take care of her.

Mr. Seller was forced, by high medical bills, to place a mortgage on their home for $175,000. Less than 2 years later the money was gone and tragedy struck again……Mrs. Seller died.

Seeing his wife of 55 years suffer was just too much to handle. Mr. Seller, distraught, had a stroke. He too had to be admitted to a nursing home. He was 82.

Through all of this Mr. Seller still hung on and continued making mortgage payments. By the time I was contacted to help sell the property the value had dropped to $73,000. Instead of continuing to throw good money after bad he decided to go forward with a Short Sale. Deadbeat!!

I mess with Short Sales because real people need me.

Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

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