Please pray for TLW

Hi folks. TLW is going through a very difficult time rIght now. She is a very private person so I am not at liberty to share any of the details BUT…..PLEASE pray for my wife.

Here’s a little interview we did back in Jauary of 2007 that I thought you may enjoy. Thanks.


Hi folks, it seems like the new trend in Blogging is the interview. So, with that in mind, I thought who better for my first interview than my wife, “The Lovely Wife” aka TLW. As expected, she showed up to the interview in her cowgirl hat and packing a 38. She was very open for this interview and has decided to give everyone a special treat at the end. So, put on your bullet proof vest and enjoy!!!!  

First, let me ask you the question that I’m sure everyone wants to know, What’s it like being married to a man (me) who thinks his success is related to the fact that he is soooooooooo good looking?

  • *Hmm. Well first let me state that marriage is not for the faint of heart. Especially, if you’re married to a man who honestly believes his success is a by product of his good looks. Being married to that attitude of yours is actually what has kept us together for decades. I admire the way you use humor to keep our lives amusing. The last thing I need is to be married to a man that takes himself too seriously. You and I both know God knew exactly what he was doing when he put the two of us together. Not only are you my husband you just happen to me my best friend. Okay. This is getting mushed out. Let me wrap it up by saying being married to you is much like going to an amusement park. It’s a damn thrill ride with lots of freak shows and I get to laugh a lot.

Since we all know you like to play with guns, should I be concerned being that I am the one who is most frequently in your sight?

  • *This question implies, that my gun fetish, makes you…Nervous? If I were you I would not concern myself with it…I like you.

When you first started Blogging your tag line was Kum La Ka Lakka, it has since been changed to ROAR! Why?

  • *Well gosh, I guess you haven’t been paying much attention to my Blog. ROAR has always been my tagline. The only thing I did was drop the KLKL. I did this for many reasons. To name just a few: I got over my fascination of being able to Google Kum La Ka Lakka and find my Blog. I also used this same tag line as a way of saying something on a Blog post that someone may not want to hear. Now, I just take my chances and hope that by saying what I’m thinking, it will help someone, or at the very least, get them to think. Aside from these reasons, I received a call from one of our Sons (Father of four) letting me know that the first word in the KLKL tag line was being mispronounced, on purpose, by a certain group of men on a Military base. I wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear that, so I ditched KLKL.

What would you say the theme of your Blog is and what are you trying to achieve?

  • *My Blog has no theme. I don’t want it to have a theme. I use my Blog to make people laugh, smile or think. If I can accomplish this, with my Blog, then I have answered the second part of that question. I guess you can call me “The Theme-Less Lovely Wife” ROAR!  

People either love you or hate you, why is that?

  • *Good question. They love me because I’m an outspoken, flirtatious, smartass. They hate me because I’m an outspoken, flirtatious, smartass. People walk a fine line between love and hate. I am old enough to have come to terms, with the fact, that some people have issues with a woman who is a fearless, outspoken, flirtatious smartass. The fact that I refuse to conform, to what others expect of me, creates problems for other people. I answer to myself and I answer to God. That’s it. My non-conforming nature comes out in my personality. Many times in my life I’ve had encounters with people who try to exercise control over me. Then there are the times when others try to manipulate me. When people fail in these attempts they get pissed off because I will not play their games. This is where folks choose between love and hate. Like I said, it’s a fine line and some people have no problem crossing that line….Ya know there’s always the possibility that some people hate me because…I’m sooooooooooo good looking too. 

Your Blog post “If They Don’t…They Won’t Get paid…Meow” won the Carnival of Real Estate. Was this win due to the creativity exhibited in your post or was it due to sucking up to The Real Estate Tomato?

  • *Well that was funny. The sucking up, to the Tomato, came after the first win. The fact that I won The Carnival Of Real Estate, with that post, was surprising to me. I had no idea that my personal experiences in the Real Estate Industry, over the last 12 years, were that interesting to other people. I guess the answer to your question is…Yes…The win was due to my creativity and my willingness to hang myself out in Wild Wild Space and see what happens. I stopped entering, the Carnival Of Real Estate, because you keep telling me to “Eat your dust”. I stand beside you…Not behind you. Let someone else “Eat your dust”

You seem to have an attraction towards bald men, should I be sleeping with a shower cap on?

  • *Nah. I thought about shaving your head but I’m over it now. You have to admit it would be pretty funny to see you wake up, look into a mirror, only to find you have become one of my bald men. On second thought, maybe the shower cap is a good idea. The sheer entertainment value of this has me thinking about shaving your head. It’s almost worth it just to see the look on your face. Don’t worry Darlin it’ll grow back. So…You’ve noticed my attraction to (intelligent) bald men. This attraction of mine is no worse than you being attracted to good looking outspoken women. Hi Christine. Hi Renee. Wink. Wink.

As far as I know, you are the only Blogger on Active Rain that has their own established fan club, “The TLW Fan Club” group. What’s up with that?

  • *I did not establish “The TLW Fan Club” group. I really don’t know what’s up with that. I was not aware of “The TLW Fan Club” until after another Blogger opened the Group. When the Blogger notified me that this group had been opened my response was…”Are You Nuts?”…The “TLW Fan Club ®” group has little to do with me. Or does it? You would have to ask the Members of this group “what’s up with that.” I’m sure they know the answer to that question.

You are also in the process of trademarking a “TLW” line of products. How did this come about and where is the money going to go?

  • *Yup. “The TLW Fan Club ®” is now a registered trade mark. It has become a product line of tee shirts, hats, children’s clothing and other miscellaneous items. The site is up and running and anyone can purchase products from the “The TLW Fan Club” Shop. Oh. Did I tell you about “The TLW Fan Club” boxer shorts? We designed those for the gentlemen of Active Rain. Wink. Wink.
  • The idea for all of this is Jeff Turner’s. Jeff saw an opportunity that would allow us to use “The TLW Fan Club ®” and my online name as a way to put something useful into this world. He knew I would like the idea so he set up the shop. The proceeds, from this venture, will go to Homes For Abused Children. I love children and I am passionate about this cause. Homes For Abused Children have quickly found themselves on the charity minority list. The children, living in these homes, are paying the price for this. They are not getting the kind of help they need. I fear, that if we do not step up and help them, these children are going to grow up with more problems than I can name here, jail, drug abuse, emotional and self esteem problems. The list goes on and on. If I can re-direct the future of one child I will be satisfied with my efforts.

And finally, to end the mystery, what is your real name?

  • *I was expecting this question but there is still a part of me that would rather not answer it. But I will. I have to disclose my name before some one else beats me to that punch….Drum roll please….MY NAME IS….BILLIE TUTAS…HEAR ME ROAR! BAM….I just shot me a Broker…Who wants an invitation to the funeral? Can I smile very wide here? Or will another ROAR suffice?

Thank you TLW for taking the time to answer these questions. I hear, through the grapevine, that Brian Brady is going to interview you next month for the Bloodhound Blog. His interview will probably be a little more serious than this so stay tuned folks.  


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