Selling Kissimmee Real Estate is like going to the Dentist. Only more painful!!!

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It seems like all Buyers want the same thing. Four bedrooms, 2 baths, at least 1700 sq ft living area, no more than 5 years old and less than $100,000. The problem is there are only 22 of them on the market today. 17 of those are Short sales!!! The other 5 are REOs (foreclsoures).

So here’s the deal. If I tell you you will not get the property for less than asking price….I’m NOT lying. Properties that are priced right are selling for an average 105% of the asking price. That’s just an average. Some are selling for way more than that. In fact, the highest sold for 158% of asking price.

I’m a Real Estate Broker. I make my living by selling property. I WANT to sell you a house. I also WANT you to be able to get a good property at a fair price. If I tell you houses are selling for $42 a sq ft and your accepted deal at $38 a sq ft is a good deal then you need to believe me. I’m not just blowing smoke up your arse.

If you are not comfortable paying more than the asking price then don’t. That is certainly an option for you. BUT….you won’t be buying a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home, with at least 1700 sq ft, no more than 5 years old in Kissimmee for less than $100,000.

Is that really that difficult to understand? If you don’t want to understand it then please just move on. I truly don’t need that $1,500 commission.

If you REALLY want to buy a house and want someone that will give it to you straight then give me a call. I can help.

OK….that was fun. Now who can I send this to?


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