Short Sale Negotiator Interview…..11:00 am Eastern TODAY!!



TODAY!!! Saturday August 29th at 11:00 am Eastern ….(Now available on MP3)Wendy and I will be interviewing a Short Sale Negotiator from one of the major lenders. He’s been doing this for 18 years and is a wealth of information. He has agreed to spend 90 minutes answering our questions.

Do you want to know:

  • What is the best question to ask when you follow up on your short sale?
  • What are the short sale phone reps looking at on their computer screens?
  • How are all those faxes separated and imaged in?
  • What qualifications do short sale negotiators have?
  • Why do they tell you “No” when it makes sense to you?
  • Why do they deny your BPO and comps?
  • Do they care if the buyer is going to “walk”?
  • What is going on with your package after two months of waiting?
  • What happens with Fannie Mae files?
  • What agents get the best treatment and why?
  • What would the negotiator tell you if they were allowed?
  • What can you do to mess up your chance of approval?
  • Why do they cut your commission when they are the junior lien?
  • How can you get them to reduce the promissory note or cash contribution?

………and much more.


The Negotiator Interview is being recorded and will be available on MP3 just in case you can’t make it “live”.

Folks…… this may be the best $27 you have spent in a long time.

If you want to join us……….

Order The Negotiator Interview

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Bryant Tutas
Wendy Rulnick


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