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Hi folks. Today is the big day!! This is the official launch of my new social network BBsWorld.ego. This social network is open to all and is all about ME, ME, ME, ME!! OK….just kidding. While that does sound like an excellent theme for a social network it’ll have to wait for another time……….  

……..because today, I’m launching a social network at And fortunately, it’s NOT about me. It’s about Poinciana. This social site is being provided free of charge as my gift to you… Poinciana Peeps(friends). 

Poinciana Peeps is a place where residents and friends of Poinciana can go to share their thoughts, ideas, news, videos, music or anything that may interest Poinciana Peeps. 

I’m hoping that with time this will be the go to spot for everything Poinciana.  So…if you live in Poinciana, have friends in Poinciana, want to move to Poinciana or just want to know about Poinciana feel free to join Poinciana Peeps!!!

“But Broker Bryant, how do we join?” That’s easy! Just click on the picture slide show above or the Eagle video below. Both will take you right over to Poinciana Peeps. Ya’ll come on down now…ya here?

** much as I love all my ActiveRain friends this new site is for Poinciana Peeps. I posted this for three reasons.

  • Google juice. I figue if someone Googles Poinciana Social Network this post will show up.
  • I wanted to give you an idea of something you could do for your market area. All it takes is a little bit of your time and a free account over at 
  • I wanted to share my cool Eagle video I took in Poinciana about 6 weeks ago!!! 

How did I do?

Find more videos like this on Poinciana Peeps Community Network

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