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He we are two days before Thanksgiving and I can’t seem to get off the phone. I really just want to take some down time and relax this week but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Too many people calling wanting me to list their properties. Normally that would be a good thing but since I am in a declining market, I spend most of my time just saying, “Sorry, wish I could help but I can’t. Here’s the number for an Attorney and here’s the number for a management company. Good luck with that!.”

I hate it when that happens! I had three of those calls today. They call, I get their details, I do an analysis and then have to call them back and say,”Sorry….”

At least I don’t spend time going over to look at the properties. One advantage of being in the same market for so long is, I pretty much know what their property is worth, without having to actually see it. Granted, I could be off by a few thousand but if they owe $270,000 and it may be worth $235,000, on a good day, then there’s not much sense in me driving all the way over there to give them this news. I just call back and say “Sorry….”

OK, I have to admit, I don’t really say, “Good luck with that.” Even though it’s true and I want to say it sometimes, I just can’t do it. We have to remember these are real people with real financial problems and if nothing else, we can listen. I actually spend time on the phone with them going over their situation and offering whatever advice I can. I feel it is my job to be very honest with them and to make sure they truly understand their situation. If I don’t, I just know another REALTOR® is going to tell them what they want to hear and waste more of their time. Time that could be used focusing on a solution instead of used chasing a pipe dream.

About two weeks ago, I received a beautifully written “letter of recommendation”, from one of my Sellers. It was actually one of the nicest letters I have received in my 14 years of business. He was truly raving about me and my service. He also took the time to write it on really expensive stationary and asked me to please frame it and hang it over my desk, and I will.

Folks, this Seller’s house was sold on the courthouse steps about a month ago! That’s right, his property was foreclosed on. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get it sold in time to beat the bank. Very frustrating! Still, he felt inclined to rave about me and my service. Isn’t that awesome? All because I took the time to listen to him and tried to help him out. I failed, all though in his eyes, I was a winner.

I know what you‘re thinking “Broker Bryant, you’re rambling. What the heck is your point?” OK, you’re right, I am rambling. My point is, there are many, many people that, for whatever reason, we can’t help with the selling of their properties. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend some time with them listening to their situations and offering whatever advice we can. People remember kindness. Treat all people with honesty, respect and kindness and your business will miraculously take care of itself.

So my advice to anyone in this business, is to remember, “Real Estate is about people NOT money.” If you take care of people your business will take care of itself. That’s it. Broker Bryant’s Ramblings for today. What say you?

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