Stoopid is as stoopid does!


OK, if I were a smart man, I wouldn't write this post BUT………sometimes I just have to throw it out there and see where it goes. As many of us have, I have been following all the ActiveRain vs. Move, Inc. stuff floating around the blogosphere over the last few days. If nothing else, it has been entertaining.

We have a Bloodhound who has already reached a verdict based on……well….based on nothing, I guess. With out looking at the actual agreement between AciveRain and Move, Inc any and all conclusions have been based on assumptions. Of course the assumption is that the young owners of ActiveRain were blinded by big bucks and foolishly plowed forward with bad advice from bad representation. Of course, no one can confirm this. But we can speculate. Why not? It makes good blog fodder.

Then of course, we have folks telling us how the ActiveRain members are all pissed off and feel cheated. Well I don't. And from what I have read MOST members support ActiveRain. But of course that's boring and would not make good blog fodder. It's much better blog fodder for us ALL to be pissed off. True or not.

Then we have another thread where folks are calling us sheep, battery hens, ignorant and a few other choice words. Supposedly we have all just been drinking the kool-aid and have blindly been following our leaders. None of us had any idea that ActiveRain was a for profit corporation and that selling their product was one of many possibilities. Damn!! How could I have missed that. I thought they were providing this site for me to use because….I'm soooo good looking.

We also had folks calling ActiveRain out, to provide copies of the purchase agreement. The argument was that ActiveRain had already breached any existing confidentiality agreements by posting links to the complaint against Move, Inc here. Now folks, I'm not very educated and I don't write Latin (hell, I thought "carpe diem" was a fish!) BUT wasn't it Inman that broke the story? Wasn't ActiveRain's post just a response to that article? Also, the complaint is public information and has been for a couple of months. You can't break a confidentiality agreement by posting PUBLIC information. The demand to see the purchase agreement is just stoopid. Oh wait a minute….I forgot…'s the ActiveRain members that are stoopid. Sorry about that. My bad.

You know…..I'm a Real Estate Broker. I had business before I came to ActiveRain and I'll still have business if I ever decide to leave. ActiveRain is a great place! Without it I probably would not have started blogging. I certainly wouldn't have met all you nice folks. ActiveRain has opened many doors for me. I've met Matt and I like him a lot. I truly hope that however this turns out he and the others are rewarded for all the hard work they have done. If I'm not a part of their success plan then so be it. I'm already successful doing what I love and that's selling Real Estate.

OK, that's all I have to say on this matter. By the way, I gave you guys some link love to help drive traffic to your sites. After all that is what it's all about, right? Or am I just stoopid?

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