Success in Real Estate requires "Growing a pair"

Florida broker 407-873-2747Are you working on getting business today? I am. In fact it’s what I do every day. My job is generating business. For any one wanting to work in real estate, as a career, generating business is the number one skill you must learn.

First and foremost it requires work. Not hard work but consistent and persistent work. This means making a plan and sticking to it. Not for a month or for six months but for EVER.

But where do you begin? What activities should you work on?

When in doubt I always go to Google. If I were new to the business I would simply Google “How to generate real estate leads”

Click on the link above and there are 4,300,000 results. Don’t you think there may be some good ideas in there somewhere?

Here’s a list of some lead generating activities you could do today.

  • Mail out to expired listings
  • Mail out to 60 day late pre-foreclosures
  • Call some FSBOs
  • Start a hyper local blog
  • Create a website for first time home buyers
  • Walk your neighborhood and talk real estate with people


……take the bull by the “pair” and figure it out. If you can’t figure out this one thing you will NEVER make it in real estate. The requirements to get in this business are minimal. However, in order to stay in this business, the effort required is far from minimal. It requires motivation, a desire to succeed, willingness to learn and the ability to “just do it”.

People that are successful in real estate are mostly students of real estate. We live and breathe real estate. It’s more than a job. It’s more than something we just do when we have to. It’s more than just waiting for things to happen.

We are proactive. We figure out what needs to be done and then we do it. We don’t depend on others for our success. We read everything we can get our hands on related to real estate, marketing, running a business and etc. Then we implement what we learn. We take action. And we take it every day. Do you?

As always, I’m willing to help in any way I can. BUT I’m not going to do it for you. You have to take the initiative.

Here are some articles that may help.

Surviving in real estate requires “growing a pair”.

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