The ‘Gateway" to success or failure?

Today, while reading through my new Real Trends magazine I came across an article on NAR's new proposed "Gateway" National MLS project. Have you heard of this? According to an article on this will be "a repository containing detailed current and historical information on all real property in the United States."

Holy moly!!!!!! Sounds like what is trying to achieve doesn't it? Could it be that our Association is on the ball for a change? Or not? From what little I've read about this the "Gateway" would not be limited to just REALTORS® but would be open to all licensees and would include FSBOs.

Folks, this has the potential to be HUGE! I guess one of the biggest questions, I have, would be, HUGE as in good or HUGE as in major screw up. Remember Homestore? Can NAR avoid this same kind of costly mistake on a project this size?

What will happen to our local MLSs? Will they merge into the "Gateway" or will they become obsolete? Will the "Gateway" be able to compete with Google, Yahoo and Zillow?

Now folks, I do not know the answers to any of these questions. In fact, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to the "Gateway" and what this is all about. BUT, I certainly plan on doing some extensive studying over the next few weeks to bring myself up to speed.

For now, I'm throwing this short post out here to see first, if you have heard about this and second, what are your thoughts? I did a Google search and here are a couple links I've found related to this. Not much information out there on this stuff. Almost like it's top secret. That can't be good. Let me know what you think. I'm clueless. So someone please clue me in.

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