The long tail tells the tale!


Ok, so I did a little Google test today. I’ve been reading about the “long tail”, not quite sure I understand this but how’s this:

I “Googled” and my ActiveRain blog showed up as follows.



  • Transaction Brokerage Relationship-came in at #5 out of 7,690,000.
  • Transaction Broker Relationship-came in at #10 out of 4,790,000.
  • Range Pricing-came in at #s 10,12 and 13 out of 62,500,000.
  • Non-Brokerage Relationship-came in at #3 out of 9,001,000.
  • Transaction Broker-came in at #10 out of 902,000.
  • 45 Day Listing Agreement-came in at #1 and 2 out of 21,100,000.

So, folks, if you need “expert” advise about Real Estate please contact, Broker Bryant. Oh, by the way, you can “Google” that too!

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