The Soulful Summer Seminar Series Schedule (say that three time fast)


OK folks. Saturday the June 20th come listen to Jennifer and I. I think we should call this show “Stump the Broker”. What do you think? Come give it your best shot.


Via Jennifer Allan, Author of Sell with Soul (Sell with Soul):

If you follow my blog, you’ve seen one or two (or three or four) references to the Summer of Soul – which is a series of real estate-related teleseminars hosted by Yours Truly that run throughout the summer. I’m charging a few bucks for it, not too many ($49 for the package), but enough to make you pause and ask yourself if it’s really worth it. At least, I hope you do because I’m the last person who would tell you to throw your money away these days!

Anyway, I’ll let you judge for yourself – below is the final schedule of events. We kick off tomorrow and run through Labor Day. All sessions are recorded, so don’t think you have to cancel your summer vacation if there’s a conflict. If it looks good, you can register here:

Summer of Soul Seminar Series Schedule

Saturday morning, June 6th
Introverts are Salespeople, too!
An interview with Master SOI’er and proud introvert, Susan Haughton. Susan has never cold-called, door-knocked or even so much as asked for a referral… and she’d die laughing if you suggested she do such things. Yet she enjoys a successful career without ever venturing out of her comfort zone. (included in the Summer of Soul package – enroll here)

Saturday morning, June 20th
Q&A with Broker B
This will be fun! Broker Bryant Tutas will join us for a 90-minute Q&A where he’ll answer all those burning questions you have about his successful business model (hey, this is a guy who charges a retainer fee to BUYERS!), and how he got to be “Soooooo Good-Looking!” (open to the public, enroll here)

Tuesday evening, June 30
Have More Fun and Sell More Real Estate! 
Contrary to how it might sound, this is not a silly little filler program – no, FUN is serious stuff! If you don’t enjoy what you do, most days anyway, you’ll fail. Our goal is to help you identify what’s fun for you (and what isn’t), so you can experience all the success you dream of. (included in the Summer of Soul package)

Wednesday evenings in July, beginning on July 8th 
Pipeline 2010
A four-session series on various projects you can start TODAY to ensure a full pipeline by 2010. Sure, we all need paychecks in 30, 60 or 90 days, but next year will be here before you know it and won’t you feel smart if you hit 2010 will a nice little book of business already in place? I’ll lead the discussions, but will be joined by a variety of guest hosts as well. (included in the Summer of Soul package)  

Tuesday evening, June 16th 
Negotiations: The Games People Play
This is definitely a not-to-be-missed program! Jackie Leavenworth (the Real Estate Whisperer) wow’ed us with her brilliance in an earlier teleseminar on the topic of Commission Negotiation. By popular demand, she returns for a full-on discussion of effective negotiating techniques that you can use in business… and in life. (open to the public; enroll here)

Saturday morning, July 18th
Prospecting with Soul – Playing the Numbers Game (or not, as the case may be)
I don’t like being treated like a number… and neither do our clients. This session will discuss how you can take a Quality over Quantity approach to your prospecting and have a heck of a lot more fun in the process! (included in the Summer of Soul package)

Saturday morning, August 1st
Alternative Business Models
There’s more than one way to skin a cat… or sell a house. Join this group of real estate rebels as we discuss various outside-the-box real estate models that might just pique your interest! (included in the Summer of Soul Package)

Saturday morning, August 15th
Surviving the Inspection
Especially if you work with “Charming Older Homes,” you know how tenuous your deal is until you’re through that inspection. Learn from the master (JA) and her expert guest, Mark Rakow, how to keep more of your sales together… and when to let them fall apart. (included in the Summer of Soul package)

Saturday morning, August 29th
For Rookies Only
In this special session just for soulful rookies (and those who train them), we’ll help new and newer agents focus on what they need to be doing NOW to get up and running and bringing in a paycheck before they become just another … sigh… real estate statistic. (included in the Summer of Soul package)




Jennifer Allan, GRI

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