TLW takes a dip for her 50th Birthday!

OK folks, I’m sure must of you know that TLW and Ines both had birthdays today. 37 for Ines and the BIG 50 for “The Lovely Wife”. Like any good husband I took TLW out for a nice seafoood lunch today at a biker joint. Hey only the best for my wife!!! Actually, we went to a place called Cherry Pocket. It has quite a history as it has been around for about 90 years. Way back when it was a cowboy joint then turned into a real hard core biker club and now is a combination seafood house and bar.

It’s located in a run down old fish camp. Really good Southern seafood though. Anyway, here are a few pictures and a couple of videos of TLW celebrating. We hope you enjoy them.







Happy Birthday Huney!!! 

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