To subscibe or not subscribe? That is the question.

Hi folks. Ok today, I'm going to write a boring post about blogging on ActiveRain. I don't do these that often so allow me a little personal indulgence today. This post was inspired by the little glitch in the system earlier this week that enabled us to see who had subscribed to our own and to other member's blogs.

Now folks, I have to say I hated it!! I found it to be very intrusive and in my case very embarrassing. Intrusive because it is none of my business who subscribes to your blog and embarrassing because I have so many folks that have subscribed to mine and I have not subscribed to theirs. I know I haven't subscribed back because I have 447 subscribers and I only have about 150 or so that I have subscribed to. Those figures are way out of balance. Does that make me selfish?

I was real pleased when they changed the system back so you can't see my subscribers. In all honesty, I still have not looked to see who is subscribed to my blog and I have no intention of doing so. I just don't want to know. Is that weird?

Now, let me tell you why I haven't looked. I truly believe that no matter how hard I try not to, if I know, it will make me biased. I'll feel obligated to subscribe back to folks I may not even know and I'll be upset that someone didn't subscribe to me who I thought would have. Human nature can be a very powerful force and I don't want to have to fight it. I'd rather just not know. I'm much more comfortable just doing my own thing on ActiveRain without tainting my enjoyment with the pressure of "should I or shouldn't I subscribe to his/her blog".

My goal, since day one on ActiveRain, has been to share what I know and hopefully help some of my peers in their business. That's it. A very simple plan. I don't solicit comments, subscriptions, associations, featured posts or any of that stuff. I've found that in ActiveRain, just like life, we get by giving.

So, my only advice, for folks wanting to make a name for themselves on ActiveRain, your business or in life, is to just do your best. Be honest, work hard and have a giving soul. Don't worry about what you will get back in return. Doing this will give you peace and joy in everything you do. And that my friends is a very good place to be.

Anyway, while I have your attention, I want to thank everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my posts. I know I don't always reciprocate back and I know I may never get better at it. But it is certainly not because you are not appreciated. It's just there is only so much time in the day and as much as I love ActiveRain I also have a business to run and a loving wife to take care of.

I do promise to keep doing my best and I will continue to write stuff that I hope will help you in your business, make you think or at least make you smile. And as always, feel free to email me with any Real Estate questions or if you just want to run an idea by me. Many of you have and you know I will respond back quickly. Just don't spam me!!

OK that's it, Broker Bryant's Ramblings for today. Any thoughts?

***Picture compliments of Ali Payne.

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