What’s all the Drama about!! PART 2

Hi folks! OK we’re a day early but TLW and I decided to share our Friday video on Thursday. It’s been a long week for me so I can use a little laugh early this week. I hope you can too. Now we do need your help. TLW and I could not decide which “take” we liked the best so we decided to post both of them. Your job is to decide which one you like best.

WARNING: Please clear your computer area of any beverages that may spill or could be projected from your mouth. We take no responsibility for computer damage.

DISCLAIMER: This character is fictitious and completely a figment of our imagination. Any resemblance to folks either past or present is strictly a coincidence. Or not!

FINAL NOTE: We both love ActiveRain and the moderators who so generously give of their time.

OK, having said all that. Here you go. Turn up your sound and enjoy. And please let us know which one you think truly captures the spirit of ActiveRain.



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