Whee!!! Real Estate is a Roller coaster!!!

Have you ever had one of those days that you wish you just didn't get out of bed? I'm sure you have. I had one yesterday. I woke up Friday morning feeling really good. It had been a very productive week and I had no appointments on the calendar. Just had to go down to the office and follow up on a few deals and put a couple of properties on the market. My kind of day. All positive. I'm on top of the hill and feeling good about life.

Well, it went downhill real fast. First, I get a call from Veronica, my new Buyer's agent, to let me know her Buyer, who we had just negotiated a deal with the day before, on one of my listings, got cold feet and backed out of the deal. Bummer!! One down.

About an hour later the phone rings and the REALTOR® on the line starts fumbling his words but finally manages to tell me our transaction, set to close next week, just fell through. The sub-prime lender pulled the plug. Darn it!! Two down.

Lo and behold, an hour later the phone rings again and it is another REALTOR® reluctantly explaining that his Buyer also just got denied. Sub-prime again. Pulling the plug, again. Three down.

Now folks, it's only 11:30 on Friday morning and I'm already down three deals and about $20,000 in commissions. An excellent time to have another cup of coffee and crank the stereo up a little louder. Ah……..Pearl Jam, I'm starting to feel good again.

Riiiiiiiiiiiing, Riiiiiiiiiiing……This time I'm a little slower to answer the phone. I hadn't heard back from the REALTOR®, that had a home inspection two days ago, so I'm sure this is probably him. Yep, I'm right. AC issues, plumbing problems and major electrical problems. Damn man! What's happening here? "OK, so just put the Buyer's concerns in an addendum and send it over to me so I can run it by the Seller."

So, I take a few minutes and call these four Sellers and break the news to them. "No problem Broker Bryant. We know you are doing your best. Just let us know what we need to do." OK, it's noon and I have all of that off of my chest. Three down for sure and one soon to follow, maybe. I do what any good REALTOR® would do…..I cut the stereo back up and dance around the office for a few minutes trying to recapture my joy. Got it. Joy recaptured.

Phone rings again. Oh no!!! I quickly look over to my stack of pending files to see what I have left. Not much there. "Hello, it's a beautiful day at Tutas Towne, this is Broker Bryant, how may I help your dreams come true today?" "Hey Broker Bryant, I just e-mailed you an offer for your listing at 123 WeGotToSell Ave. just checking to make sure you received it."

"Sure did." Back in business!!! Some days are like that. You lose a few, you win a few. It's the nature of our business. You just have to keep moving forward. As Linda Davis would say "Get over it!"

So, Broker Bryant says:

  • Do your best. That's all anyone ever expects from you.
  • Don't count your commissions until they are in your pocket.
  • Relay negative news to your customer/clients immediately.
  • Put on a happy face no matter how difficult your day is.
  • Dance every chance you get.
  • And most importantly, "Get over it!"

Real Estate is a roller coaster. Enjoy the ride. I do. What say you?

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