YoMama! This one’s for you!

OK, YoMama, this one's for you. I met YoMama on Saturday. She had called me last week and left me a message that she had read my Blog on ActiveRain and found it hysterical. She asked me to come by and see about placing her home on the market. Well, being the good little Broker that I am I said "Sure". YoMama, had read a few of my posts about Sellers, who had refinanced their homes, and who were now in a position of not being able to sell, due to the fact that property values have come down and their new mortgage balances are too high. No equity.

It was interesting, to me, that she saw herself in these posts and figured she was in the same situation. Well, she was right. When I met with her and her husband we concluded that they were about $15,000 to $20,000 to "short" and since they didn't need to sell, it was best to keep the home off the market for a while to see how the market plays out nearer the end of the year. They had already been on the market with another REALTOR®, for six months, with no luck, so it just didn't make any sense to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

YoMama is a big fan of Blogs. She doesn't have one of her own but she loves to read them. I was talking to her about my Blog and how I write about my everyday adventures in Real Estate. I mentioned how I write about my Seller's situations, whether they're good or bad, and explained to her that my Sellers know I'm going to do this. I use their experiences as teaching tools for my peers and for the consumer. YoMama's call to me helped to reiterate that I am doing the right thing by doing this.

Writing, like I do, helps the consumer to see that they are not the only one that may be having financial difficulties, foreclosure issues or problems with being able to sell their house. It helps them to see that I deal with these issues on a daily basis and it loosens them up to be able to talk freely with me. It helps us to connect. So folks, if you are hesitant to write about your customers and clients, don't be. They can take it. Use their situations as examples. By doing this, you may help someone else have a better understanding of their own situation. So write away!

You may have your own YoMama give you a call. So, YoMama, this one's for you. How did I do?

As always, the names have been changed to protect the identity of my customers.

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