You can’t sell Real Estate if you blog!! Says who?

 Wow, it has been three whole days since I posted on ActiveRain. That is the longest break I have had since June when I first joined. Well, let me tell you, it wasn't intentional. I have been swamped with business!! I guess that's a good thing, but I must say, this work stuff sure does get in the way of blogging. "Broker Bryant can you sell our house?" "Broker Bryant can we buy that house?" "Broker Bryant is our closing scheduled yet?" "Broker Bryant……..?" Anyway, you get my point.

I read a comment yesterday, in a post written by Michael Kwan, a guest writer on, he was writing a review on ActiveRain. The review was actually pretty good. The best part was that it mentioned me. Anyway, this is what he wrote:

****"Come to think of it, the real estate professionals who have the highest point totals may not be the best people for job. After all, they're spending all their time updating their blogs and posting random entries in the forums, rather than using that valuable time doing their job. Maybe it's time for a career change."*****

Now folks, how far from the truth is that? I am ranked number 5 on the ActiveRain network, when it comes to points, and have persistently written 4 to 5 posts per week, since I joined in June.. AND I make a pretty good living selling Real Estate. In fact, so far this week I have placed 4 new properties on the market, turned down 3 other listings due to pricing, negotiated 2 successful deals, negotiated another deal but came up a little short, followed up on my 5 pendings, had a closing, bought a property to flip and cooked lunch for "The Lovely Wife" twice.

So maybe, just maybe, Michael doesn't "get it." Of course, few do, so it doesn't surprise me. The key is time management and staying focused on what you are trying to achieve.

Oh, I almost forgot, did I mention 2 of those listings came from blogging on ActiveRain? Did I mention my new blogsite, So, Broker Bryant says, "Blog away my friends, blog away!!!" What say you?

If you don't "get it", click here.

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