You’re not the Boss of me!!!!!

Hi folks. It’s Friday Funny Video time!! OK, so yesterday TLW posted “The Future is Made of Virtual Insanity….or Not!…ROAR!”. If you haven’t read it, take I minute to do so, as it is very good. Anyway, her post planted the seed for our little video today. I think this video falls under one or ALL of these categories:

The online disinhibition effect.

  • Dissocialized anonymity.
  • Personality variables.
  • Altering self boundaries.
  • Aggressive behavior.
  • Minimizing authority.

Folks, TLW and I need serious help. Puleeeeeeeeze… us before it gets too far out of control!!! Or maybe it already has. You decide.

WARNING: Please clear your computer area of any beverages that may spill or could be projected from your mouth. We take no responsibility for computer damage.

DISCLAIMER: This character is fictitious and completely a figment of our imagination. Any resemblance to folks either past or present is strictly a coincidence. Or not!


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