A story to touch the heart

Did a deal yesterday in Poinciana Fl. An elderly lady had passed away after a long illness and her son the only heir gave me a call to meet with him about listing and selling his Mother’s house. While listening to him he mentioned the man next door who had been helping his Mother out over the last couple of years by mowing her grass and checking in on her daily to make sure she was Ok. The son lived in another State and was not able to do these things.

Well the son decided he wanted to do something nice for the neighbor who is 80 years old himself and was getting ready to get married. So at the son’s request we did a purchase contract for the neighbor selling him the house at a $30,000 discount with a delayed 6 months closing and giving the neighbor permission to go in the house and take what he wanted and fix it up to be resold. Also he is allowed to list the house with me and sell it for market value. Hopefully this resale will happen in about 30-45 days. With a very minimum commission being charged the neighbor will be able to realize a $25,000 profit as a gift from the deceased lady’s son. God’s Grace is alive and well in Poinciana. A story to touch the heart

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