I hate evictions!

Started the eviction process on one of my tenants today. I hate that. It's the last thing I ever want to do. Especially since it's a single mom with two small children. But what can you do? She was having financial troubles last month and I gave her a months free rent to try and help. I probably would have helped again this month but she hasn't called and won't answer the door when I knock. So what do you do? I had to post a three day notice. I honestly hope she can find the money before the three days are up. If not, I have to move forward. I really feel for the children but I can't support her family and mine.

Why do tenants place us in this position? The worse thing they can do is not communicate with me. I had another tenant who lost his job and couldn't pay a few months ago, but I was able to hire him as a handyman to help my wife around the house. He worked for me for three months instead of paying rent. During that time we found him a job with our lawn service and now he is back on track and paying rent. I'm not a bad person. I want to help when I can. But if they avoid me my hands are tied. I believe tenants think that landlords are rich. They don't understand that their rent pays the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs and lawn service. We have to pay these things whether the rent is paid or not.

Well that's my story today. It bums me out. I will keep her in my prayers tonight. I hope she calls. I hope she finds the money. I hate evictions!

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