Bank of America Short Sale Frustrations are Internal as Well.

http://centralfloridashortsales.comHi Folks. Here’s a comment that I received from an employee of Bank of America. I think it sums up some of the frustration that we are all going through. I will keep the comment anonymous and it has been edited for grammar. Here goes:

I have sat here and read through all of these messages and I am at a loss for words. I currently work as a supervisor in the short sale department for Bank of America. And YES I hate my job. I hate having to get on the phone with these homeowners and agents and explain to them that I do not have the authority to submit a same day postponement for a foreclosure. Nor do I have any more contact with their negotiator than they do.

My first week on this job had me in tears. I was on the phone with an Attorney who was trying to stop a foreclosure sale and in the background I was listening to the homeowner and her children crying. It is hard and some days I leave out of work in the worst mood. EVERY DAY I attempt to make some sort of contact with corporate to get some answers from someone. But just like the rest of you, my questions and calls go unanswered.” END

I posted this to remind all of us that most of the folks we speak with at the lenders/servicers are just doing their jobs. They are overwhelmed with files and calls and there is only so much they can do.

As hard as it is sometimes, we must try to remember that these folks also have families and could very well be experiencing financial hardships just as the homeowners we are working for are. Show them some respect. Be kind. Maybe…… just maybe you’ll get a better response. OK?

Image ***Sometimes we all just need a hug!


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