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Hi Folks. Whether you’re an agent, buyer, seller or investor you really need to come check us out over at  Our members are the best Short Sale Professionals in the business and are sharing what they know for FREE!! You do NOT have to go it alone. Pop on over and tell us what we can do to assist you.

Here’s what a couple of our Short Sale Buyer members had to say this week:

  • Thank you Bryant, it’s good to know this is going to (hopefully) be an easy transaction. By the way, great site. Very informative and it’s helped me understand what a Short Sale is, as a Buyer it’s nice to know some of the “terminology” and wording in the short sale process. God Bless. DC 
  • First I have to say, I absolutely love this website! It is a great site to come to get immediate responses from people who clearly have done their research and are professionals. I am an anxious Buyer. Vicki

We also have many other great conversations taking place. Our Short Sale Professionals are discussing…..

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative H.A.F.A

  • We submitted a “traditional” short sale package about a month ago.  My clients asked me on Wednesday (April 7th) about HAFA – would they qualify and be guaranteed no deficiency?  Well, I called up WF and asked them. READ THE FULL POST HERE

  • I am currently attempting to buy a listed short sale home.  The contract was initiated on 1/28/10 which I offered the listed price; however, I requested 3% to closing costs.  The listing agent informed my realtor….READ THE FULL POST HERE

Bank of America

  • Has anyone been successful in getting BOFA to rescind/reverse a foreclosure while it was in short sale review? FIND THE ANSWER HERE

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  • I am negotiating a short sale with GREEN TREE (second loan) The negotiation is turning into a nightmare. First Green Tree ( second lender) asked for 5% of the amount the first lender in going to net to review the file now after file has been review the investor came back asking for $25,000. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT OUR SHORT SALE PROFESSIONALS CAME UP WITH

Maybe you’re new to Short Sales and need affordable Short Sale Agent Training?

Folks, 2010 is going to be the year of the Short Sale. It’s up to us to help as many folks as we can to avoid foreclosure. Please take advantage of all of the tools that we are making available to you at We now have almost 2,000 members and our site is THE place for all things Short Sales. Come join us. OK?

Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.

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