Are Properties Selling at SoliVita in Poinciana Florida?

SoliVita Village Center

Hi folks. Let’s talk a little bit about Real Estate market conditions in SoliVita. Recently I have spoken to several SoliVita homeowners and the first thing they mention is that NOTHING is selling in SoliVita. Well lets look at some facts. The figures below are based on the first half of each year.

In 2006, at the peak of the market, there were 72 closing in the first half of the year. This year there were 91 sales! That’s an increase of 20%. In fact that’s the most resales in SoliVita for that time period EVER! So…properties are selling at a rapid pace.

Now let’s explore why they are selling. This one is easy. PRICE! It’s all about the price. At the peak of the market, 1st half of 2006, the average sale was at $276,600. This year, 2010, the average selling price in SoliVita is $165,301. That’s a decrease in value of 40%. Considering homes in Poinciana have had a decrease in value of 70%….the values in SoliVita have held up pretty good.

So…..will your SoliVita home sell in this market? ABSOLUTELY!!! As long as the price is right. If you want to know what that price is just give me a call….I’ll figure it out for you. OK?

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