At Age 65 U.S. Homeownership Peaks At 81.2%

Pool Day at SoliVita

Hi folks, I read an article that stated that………At Age 65 U.S. Homeownership Peaks At 81.2%

The analysis is based on 1998-2010 data culled from the University of Michigan’s Health and Retirement Study, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging.

I find it interesting that the rate declines to 77.7 percent by age 75, falling steadily thereafter to hit just 54 percent for 95-year-olds


Then in another article I read……More than 2.3 million adult children are living with their parents in California, a 63 percent increase since the Great Recession began seven years ago and a phenomenon straining budgets and pushing some families to the brink of poverty, according to a study released Thursday.


Now these two articles got me thinking…… I wonder how many adult children are living in SoliVita? One of the reasons my wife and I moved to SoliVita was to keep the kids out. Our kids that is 🙂 Of course if they were homeless we would do the right thing and…… them an apartment!!!

I’m just sayin’

What say you?

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