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I ain’t signing no frickin’ promissory note on my Short Sale!!!

I’ve got news for ya. You already did. When you purchased the property. You signed two documents. The mortgage. That created the lien and gave the lender the right to foreclose on your property (their collateral). And, you signed a promissory note. That was/is your personal promise to pay back the money you borrowed. The […]

New NE Orlando Florida Short Sale Opportunity

3953 Shawn Circle Orlando Florida 328263 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1613 Sq Ft Living Area Built in 1999Click here for full details $145,000 Beautiful home with many upgrades. Convenient NE Orlando location. Rounded drywall corners, tile flooring in the family room, screened and covered rear porch, fenced yard, upgraded blinds, light fixtures and ceiling […]

The Lender needs to remove the “Deficiency Language” from our Florida Short Sale Approval or we ain’t closing!!

Well OK then. BUT…..did you know getting it removed is not enough? “What ya talkin’ ’bout Willis?” Having the deficiency language removed from a Florida Short Sale approval letter don’t mean squat. Of course, I am NOT an Attorney nor do I play one on TV. So you need to seek legal advice if this […]

Short Sales and Foreclosures Rule in Kissimmee Poinciana Florida for 2009

Real Estate Market Report for Kissimmee Poinciana Florida for 2009 Comments from Bryant TutasBroker/OwnerTutas Towne Realty, Inc OK so that chart was fun. I wanted to give a picture of the market in Kissimmee-Poinciana Florida from 2007 to the end of 2009. Check out the depreciation. Property values are down 67% during this 36 month […]